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New Furniture Issues?

Do you know what to do if you are having problems with you new furniture? Perhaps you just bought some new couches or a new table and you now have a problem – due to a water problem in the house your furniture is nowwet furniture wet – but the warranty is expired or never existed in the first place.

What to do?

Wooden furniture is especially vulnerable to water damage to the finish and to the wood itself. Most wood in the home, whether in furniture or on the home such as trims or cabinets, has a finish whose primary protective function is to prevent water from getting to the wood. Other functions of the finish include appearance, protection against abrasion, etc.

Milky white water rings are a fairly common problem in finishes, especially after the finishes have aged and started to break down from wear and sun. The better the quality of finish, the longer it might take to start to break down. As long as the finish maintains its integrity, water can’t get through it to damage the finish or the wood underneath. As an absolute, no finish is waterproof.

Paste wax or liquid furniture polish that is on top of the finish assists the finish in repelling water to start with. They never get water rings, since these items do not turn white with water.

Milky white water marks are caused by water penetrating the finish changing its transparency. They are always in the finish itself. The water causes minuscule fractures that prevent you from seeing through. It is much like solid ice that is transparent in relation to cracked ice that has voids and is opaque.

Milky white water marks are often caused by moisture from under drinking glasses, flower vases, or hot food containers, all of which did not have a coaster or trivet beneath them.

It has been argued that the milky white water marks are due to water trapped in the damaged finish. This is true only to the degree that the damage is very recent to where the water has not yet dried. The cracks caused in the finish and their appearance, however, remain.

Black water rings occur once the water breaks through the finish, where the water along with whatever chemicals it might contain can also damage the wood or its coloration. Water damage to the wood takes one of several forms: black marks, raised grain, peeled or lifted veneer, warpage, splits, joint or glue failure, and water logging.

Knowing the real explanation for milky white water rings makes it easier to understand the cures and the reasons the cures don’t always work.

Water damaged wood furniture info.

Where To Go For Home Remodeling In Arlington Virginia?

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What Chairs Are The Best Addition To Your Home?

It really is a matter of opinion, but a lot of people have found that a glider rocker is the ideal chair for use at home – or even the office. It offers a wide range of great attributes while providing stability and usefulness for years. It won’t go “out of style” or look like some bizarre art piece when the styles change.

glider rocker for nursing


If you are in the market for a relaxing chair for the home you should really consider a glider rocker. It truly is the best of several worlds. Obviously, you get the gliding and rocking motion which so many people love. In addition you can get the reclining ability without paying the high prices of a La-Z-Boy. Some glider rockers even come with a “lock out” so you can sit without rocking if you so choose.

An ottoman is also usually sold with  these chairs and is also supported by a rocking mechanism so that you can raise you feet and smoothly glide with your whole body. These chairs used to be known for rocking babies to sleep, but many have found they are great for reading, watching movies, or just relaxing.

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Finding The Perfect Cushion For Your Window Seat

Do you have a large window or bench in your home? Are you tired of sitting on the hard wood or other bare material? Would you like to have someplace inviting to sit, read, or relax? If so, you should know that there are many window seat cushions available just for that purpose.

large window seat cushions


If you don’t have a ton of money to spend on decorating the interior of your home don’t worry – these cushions don’t have to cost a lot of money. Some of the best ones can be had for well under one hundred dollars and if you really need to save a few bucks you can get some for around thirty dollars.

Not only can you put these cushions on a window seating area, but they are great for use when you have a lot of visitors – putting them as extra cushion on the floor or a bench is a great second use.

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